Gaw physical description and terminology


This page tries to give some meanings to the terms used in other documents and to link them with the physical view.

the gaw window

Top level window

All of the above picture can be considered as the top level window, if we take apart the decorations around the window, which are properties of the window manager and can have a different look on another system.

Menu Bar

The first row in the top level window is the menu bar. Each menu entries supplies a list of menu items that connect to an action when clicked.

Tool Bar

The second row is the tool bar. The toolbar contains buttons that connect you to an action when clicked. Buttons may have others properties like drag and drop source or destination and can generate a tooltip.

X measure buttons

Below the toolBar is an area that displays 3 X measure buttons related to X axis. They are only present when the cursors are displayed. The left most is related to cursor 0, the middle to cursor 1 and the third displays a value that is the difference between the 2 cursors values on the X axis.


Below is an area that displays panels, 2 on the picture. A panel is composed of, on the left side from top to botton, a max Y label, a scrolled window, a min Y label and on the right side, a drawing area. This is repetitive for each panel.

Y max , Y min labels

They are simple labels that show the maximum and minimum value of the waves displayed in the panel.

Scrolled window

The scrolled window contains a line for each display variable. The line is composed a button with the variable name as label and up to 3 Y measure buttons related to cursors position. they show the Y value for each cursors and the difference of the 2 Y value. Again the measure buttons are displayed only if the cursors are present.

Drawing area

A drawing area is a Gtk widget that, as you can guess, is intended to make drawing and like buttons may have some other properties. On the picture, the first drawing area is drawn with a waveform and the 2 cursors.


A cursor is a vertical line drawn in drawing area and has a value pertaining to the X axis.

X labels area

X values are displayed in labels on an area below panels and under drawing area.

Resize grip

A resize grip is located just at left of >X labels area.

Status bar

Status bar stands on the left side of the last row of the main window. On the picture, it displays "Welcome to gaw" and in gaw it displays the tooltips for menu items, when the mouse is on.

X scroll bar

X scrollbar is on the right side of the last row of the main window and intended to let do some displacement on X axis, when some zoom is active.

List window

Gaw list window is another top level window that appears after loading a file. Its purpose is to let the user to select the variables he wants to display. The window has a menu line with some commands and a scrolled window containing a button for each variable loaded.

the gaw list window